Mederi-RF Technology Offers Solutions to Healthcare Challenges

Mederi-RF products offer compelling benefits for doctors, patients and the healthcare system – all three controlling entities of the Triangle of Influence.

  • Doctor: Views Mederi-RF products as safe and effective and durable treatments.
  • Patient: Benefits from proven, long-lasting relief from the symptoms of reflux disease with reduced post-procedure pain; faster recovery; a more rapid return to normal activities; and relief when medications are partially effective.
  • Healthcare System: Stretta and Secca offer cost effective, safe and long-lasting treatment options.

Stretta and Secca treatments fill the gap between first-line therapy and expensive and invasive treatments with higher complication rates.

  • Reducing system-wide costs with lower initial costs and better long-term results
  • Reducing patient out-of-pocket copayments
  • Facilitating outpatient procedures

Stretta and Secca are endoluminal procedures and therefore don’t require incisions, or cause scars and don't necessitate hospital stays, thus allowing for a rapid return to normal activities.

The Healing Power of Radiofrequency Energy

Mederi-RF products are based on the delivery of low-power, low-temperature RF energy through disposable endoscopic instruments to repair the deficient entry and exit sphincters of the digestive system.

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