Secca Therapy

The trans-anally inserted Secca system uses a proprietary application of RF energy that runs on the dual-purpose RF1 generator. Similar to the Stretta system, Secca is low-power (8 Watts) and low temperature (65°C to 85°C) treatment of bowel incontinence in a series of up to 20, one-minute cycles. Through the delivery of RF energy, Secca therapy remodels the muscle of the internal anal sphincter (IAS). The FDA originally cleared Secca for use in 2002 and issued an updated clearance on the RF1 generator in 2011. Secca has been proven safe and effective in numerous studies and is typically performed on an outpatient basis with conscious sedation.

"When patient selection is appropriate, this treatment has demonstrated clinically significant improvements in symptoms, as demonstrated by statistically significant reductions in the Wexner incontinence and quality of life scores...According to these observations, a major advantage of SECCA compared with other treatments, such as bulking injections, sacral nerve stimulation (SNS) and surgery, is the relatively low morbidity."
Frascio et al, Colorectal Disease, February 2014

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